Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

Affiliates Lunch Meetings and Events

September 18: Christine Vincent, Director, Aspen Institute, “National Study of Artist-Endowed Foundations.”

October 16: Graham Jones, Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities, Princeton University, “The State of Enchantment: Entertainment Magic and Cultural Policy in Contemporary France.”

December 11: Su’ad Abdul-Khabeer, Anthropology, Princeton University,“The Fifth Element: Muslim Youth, Identity and Hip Hop in Chicago.”

January 22: Derek Gillman, President and Executive Director, Barnes Foundation, "Cultural parts and cultural wholes.”

January 29: Luca Zan, Visiting Fellow, director of graduate program on Management and Innovation of Cultural and Arts Organizations, University of Bologna, “The evolution of management knowledge and the role of State bureaucracies. The Venice Arsenal in the turn of the 16th century.”

February 6, Friday: Takeshi Matsui, Visiting Fellow, Associate Professor of Marketing at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, “The diffusion of foreign cultural products: The case analysis of Japanese comics (manga) market in the U.S.”

February 19: Meredith Tenhoor, Architecture, Princeton University, “The Museum of Gastronomy: Memorializing Cultures of Commerce in Postwar Paris.”

March 2, Monday: Gabriel Rossman, Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, UCLA, cosponsored with the Princeton Sociology Department, Location and Title TBA

March 12: Claudio Benzecry, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut, “An Opera House for the Paris of South America. Elites, Italians and city authorities in a classificatory struggle.”

April 16: Branden Hookway, Architecture, Princeton University, "Rules of Engagement: the Social Sciences and Architectural Education in the 70s."

May 1, Friday: Betsey Biggs, Music, Princeton University, "Giving Voice to Space: David Byrne's Playing the Building."