Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Affiliates Lunch Meetings and Events

September 24: Andrew Moravcsik, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University, “Where Have the Big Voices Gone? Explaining the Recent Decline in Verdi and Wagner Singing.”

October 14 (Weds, 011 Robertson Hall): Charity Chan, Music, Princeton University, “Alternative Copyright and Distribution Methods in Experimental Music in the U.S.”

November 12: Betty Farrell, Director of the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago,“Cultural Participation, Diversity, and Organizational Change in the Nonprofit Arts."

December 10: Yael Berda, Sociology, Princeton University, “Anti-graffiti law enforcement, real estate value and corporate gentrification in NYC: Challenging the broken windows theory.”

February 4: Emily Thompson, Professor of History, Princeton University, "Creative Hybrids: Building Bridges Between Silent and Sound Motion Pictures in the American Film Industry, 1926-1930."

March 11, (011 Robertson Hall): Peter Kuras, German, Princeton University, “Webcams and Early Cinema: Between the Legitimate, the Illicit, and the Surveillant.”

March 29, 4:45-6:15pm, 102 Woolworth Center: Co-sponsored by the Music Department. Carol Oja, William Powell Mason Professor, Department of Music and History of American Civilization, Harvard University, “Leonard Bernstein's On the Town, and the Politics of Race in Wartime America.”

April 1: Seth Cluett, Music, Princeton University, “Acoustics, Loudspeakers, and the Politics of Projection.”

May 20: Angele Christin, Sociology, Princeton University, “Trends in Arts Participation: a Comparison Between the United States and France.”