Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Affiliates Lunch Meetings and Events

  • Thursday, September 30:  Knocking Down the Walls: The Battle for Cultural Equity in the Global Arts Capital of the World”
    Arlene Davila, Professor of Anthropology, Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University.
    Co-sponsored by the Program in Latino Studies and the Center for Migration and Development.
  • October 14 (020 Robertson Hall):  “Cognitive Social Structures Among Rappers in Sao Paulo”
    Charles Kirshbaum, Insper Institute of Education and Research/Assistant Professor; Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, Department of Sociology
  • Wednesday, November 17: “Medium and Message: The Role of the Media in Establishing Institutional Logics”
    Mukti Khaire,
    Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.
    Co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Social Organization.
  • Wednesday, December 8:  New Media and New Literature in Cuba"
    Rachel Price, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University.
  • Thursday, December 16: "An Artist’s Perspective of Race and Ethnicity: The Ancestral Journey Project”
    Xavier Cortada,
    Co-sponsored by the Center for Migration and Development
  • Friday, February 25: "How to Argue for the Arts? Arts Funding and the Rhetoric of Advocacy"
    Andras Szanto, Senior Lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Friday, March 4: "Not Here, Not Now, Not That! Protest over Art and Culture in America"
    Steven Tepper, Associate Director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy and Assistant Professor of Sociology, Vanderbilt University
  • Friday, April 1: "Caribana's Contested Origins"
    Tomiko Ballantyne, Doctoral Candidate, History, Princeton University
  • Friday, April 15 (165 Wallace Hall):  “How do new musical genres emerge? Lessons from an online music community.” CANCELLED
    Amir Goldberg, Doctoral Candidate, Sociology, Princeton University
  • Wednesday, May 4: "Governing Art Districts: State Control and Culture Production in Contemporary China"
    Yue Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Tuesday, June 7: "Thirty Years Later, is France Still the Country of Distinction?”
    Philippe Coulangeon, Senior Researcher, CNRS/OSC- Sciences Po Paris