Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

Affiliates Lunch Meetings and Events

  • September 21:  “The 'Cool Japan' Craze: Cultural Policy Exploiting Stigmatized Popular Culture”
    Takeshi Matsui, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Commerce and Management,
    Hitotsubashi University
  • October 5: "Children in Glass Houses: Toward a Hygienic Architecture for Children in Third Republic France (1870-1940)"
    Gina Greene,
    Doctoral Candidate, Architectural History, Princeton University
  • October 19, 4:30-6pm, Bowl 2, Robertson Hall: "Chasing Aphrodite: The Hunt For Looted Antiquities at the World's Richest Museum"
    Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino, co-authors and Los Angeles Times investigative reporters
  • November 9:  "From the Pulps to the Stars: The Making of the American Science Fiction Magazine, 1923-1973"
    David Reinecke,
    Doctoral Candidate, Sociology, Princeton University
  • November 30: "The 'Popular Culture Model': Culture(s) of Giving and Organization in Community Arts Networks"
    Nadezhda Savova, Anthropology, PhD Candidate
  • December 7: "The Stories of Serenade: Nonprofit History and George Balanchine's "First Ballet in America'"
    Jim Steichen,
    Doctoral Candidate, Music/Musicology, Princeton University
  • February 8: "Even at My Age: A Study of Urban Teens and a Church Gospel Choir"
    Allison Youatt Schnable, Doctoral Candidate, Sociology, Princeton University
  • February 22: "The Birth of the Auteur – How the Studio Age Kept the Director Both in and Under Control"
    Ronny Regev, Doctoral Candidate, History, Princeton University
  • March 7: "How Can We Serve You: Artist-Run Nonprofits in the Netherlands"
    Margo Handwerker, Doctoral Candidate, Architecture, Princeton University
  • March 14 (029 Robertson Hall): "When Did an Opera Canon Emerge, and Was It 'Classical' Music?"
    Dr. William Weber, Professor Emeritus, History Department, California State University
  • April 25 (020 Robertson Hall): "Our Ancestors, Our Heroes: Saudi Tribal Campaigns to Suppress Historical Docudramas"
    Nadav Samin, Doctoral Candidate, Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University
  • May 9: "Architectural Spaces of Self Affirmation, Redefinition, and Theological Innovation in the Black Atlantic"
    Adedoyin Teriba, Doctoral Candidate, Architectural History, Princeton University