Ziggy Rivkin-Fish

Community Cultural Planning
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Department of Sociology

Ziggy Rivkin-Fish is currently engaged in dissertation research studying "community cultural planning." In this project, he will collect published plans, as well as conduct interviews and ethnographic research in several sites in NJ and KY. He is particularly interested in how different planning approaches and stakeholders implement different notions of what exactly arts and culture is, and what is actually planable.

Previously, Ziggy Rivkin-Fish participated in a Center-related project investigating the quality and availability of data on arts organizations as part of an initiative to create a unified database of such organizations at the national level. As a result of this research, he was a participating author on two working papers published by the Center - "Data on Arts Organizations: A Review and Needs Assessment, with Design Implications" (Working Paper #1) and "Comparing Sample Frames for Research on Arts Organizations: Results of a Study in Three Metropolitan Areas" (Working Paper #3).