The Center's research agenda covers three main areas of work. First, the Center's staff and faculty affiliates undertake a number of research projects on key topics in arts and cultural policy. At present the Center is working on issues related to cultural conflict; urban revitalization; innovation in theatre; new technologies, inequality and access to culture; publishing and archives; and the digital humanities.

Second, many of the research projects supported by the Center result in working papers and occasional papers, which are made available to the public, scholars and public and private policy makers.

Third, the Center has organized meetings and designed research projects that attempt to stimulate and help facilitate the ongoing collection and dissemination of high quality baseline data on artists, arts organizations, participation in and beliefs about the arts and humanities, and the impact of the arts on communities. The most important result of this work has been the creation of CPANDA – Cultural Policy and the Arts National Data Archive – a fully searchable digital archive containing policy relevant information on arts and culture.